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If you have any questions about our rules and regulations, feel free to contact us at (270) 442-9197. If you wish to download our rules and regulations, please click the link below or continue reading...

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1. All dealers buying or selling must register through office.

2. Sellers must sign odometer statement in office prior to sale of vehicle.

3. There will be no outside sales. All cars must run across the block and all transactions must clear through the office. Disregard for this rule is grounds for termination of business.

4. All selling dealers are required to fill their titles into their company name, and then re-assign said title to the buying dealer. Do not fill your title into the auction.

5. Dealers must announce title attached vehicles at the time of sale and reproduce a reassign able title to the office within 22 days of the date vehicle is sold, or buyer has the option of returning the vehicle. Buyers do not sell or spend money on a TA vehicle until the title is received. The auction will not be responsible for any expenses for return of TA vehicles.

6. All drafts issued for payment of cars must be paid within 48 hours after arriving at your bank.

7. If yellow light is on, there is an announcement on the vehicle. Please alert yourself - you are responsible.v 8. No vehicle can be rejected for smoking, cracked windshield, noisy lifters, visible defects, or air conditioners.

9. Vehicles sold with alteration of pollution systems are subject to reject if no announcement. (1 Hour)

10. Any vehicle having been changed from diesel to gasoline or vice-versa must be announced. If engine year is different, that too must be announced.

11. All cars must be rejected or OK'd within (1) one hour. After one hour you own the vehicle. This includes vehicles purchased with an IF. NO EXCEPTIONS!

12. Dealers are responsible for any cars they are test-driving.

13. Ride and Drive guarantee must have $200.00 worth of repairs to any one item to be rejected.

14. Auction Guarantee covers Transmission, Rear End, Rod Bearings and Main Bearings only.

15. All Cars that are sold "AS-IS" cannot be rejected for a defect. You own the car, Brag about it.v 16. All cars selling for $1500.00 or less are automatically AS-IS regardless of prior announcements.

17. All cars with 100,000 miles and over must be announced and sold as represented by seller.

18. Frame damage is rejectable only on current models and (4) four years back. No returns after 7 days.

19. Paintwork and body repairs must be announced on current models only.

20. Salvage rebuilt vehicles, Police cars, Taxicabs, Lemon Law cars, and Flood cars, must be announced or is cause for being returned. No returns after 60 days.

21. The auction does not guarantee titles, model years, or condition of trailers, boats, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, Dune buggies, kit-cars, and misc. other vehicles.

22. Cars sold with unknown miles - Seller must explain or have documentation to that affect and cannot be over 100,000 miles unless announced.

23. Check your vehicles for antifreeze - this auction is not responsible. The auction is not responsible for damages to a vehicle, on the lot, in transport to, or in transport from the auction. This includes wrecks, vandalization, or acts of God.

24. The auction does not warranty or guarantee odometer readings or odometer statements.

25. MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY - the auction will not become involved with warranty books regardless of year model.

26. No car will sell without proper Vehicle Identification Plate.

27. Stolen vehicles are settled at 2% per month depreciation on original purchase price.

28. Dealers: "Please do not remove keys from cars."

29. All cars must be paid for day of sale NO EXCEPTIONS.

30. On vehicles returned for any reason the seller is responsible for Auction Sale Fees.

31. No car will be arbitrated for illuminated lights on the dash, check engine, tire sensor, service engine soon, etc. Only exceptions to this rule are airbag and oil lights.